First time at a Chalet

Alright, listen, I know how this sounds. But I have my side of the story, okay? I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's metropolitan. From there, I moved to Los Angeles. That's as city as it can be. I never even heard the word Chalet until 5 years ago. I guess that's when cabin, camping and chalet started to become more hip.

This weekend I found myself in the middle of Quebec, at St Hippolyte, with a population of only 8,000 people.

I would say St Hippolyte is the city of Trampoline, weird street signs, and garage sales. You will know what I mean in a second. Let me just cover the highlights of my trip first--


The goods:

1. Lac Du Paradis

A 3.4-kilometer hike around the lake Paradise. I couldn't finish the whole trail because I had to get back to work at 10 am. However, if you use all trails, listen.. they lie. They said it was an easy trail. BOY! It was not an easy one—so many stairs. I already have a 45-year-old's knees on a 27-year-old's body. I could not handle it. I had to grab a stick.

2. Les Moulins La Fayette Lebourgneuf

I saw this bakery right after finishing my hike at the Lac du Paradis. They had THE BEST customer service and THE BEST sandwich. I have been craving a croissant breakfast sandwich with egg white for the longest time and let me tell you-- they absolutely nailed it. The egg white and the york was cooked separately. The york turned out crunchy at the bottom. It was an absolute delight.

3. Best coffee at Saint Sauveur

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the best coffee at St Hippolyte. So I decided to visit the nearby tourist town of Saint Sauveur. I knew I could find my favorite coffee place there. Olodge - Café Plein Air has the best Cortado in town. The first time I visited Olodge, I was surprised by their Californian- Newport beach style boutique, which completely hid the perfect little cafe. I feel like it's the perfect little secret for the locals of Saint Sauveur.

Pro tip: they have the perfect little doggo (Steezy) visiting through the patio occasionally. If you are lucky, you will get to meet her one day.

4. Cativities (Cat activities)

I had the best time with my 6 month old kitten, Crypto. He is an adventure cat. As I worked on my research, I let him wander through the front yard of the Chalet with a long, long leash. He chased around bugs for hours.

I did something scary. I took my cat paddle boarding. Yes, I am a crazy woman. Our chalet came with a paddleboat and a couple of kayaks. So I took advantage of the paddle boat and went on the lake Connelly with my husband and my cat. Don't worry, I made sure to put on his leash, and I held my baby tight.

Crypto was confused in the beginning but didn't realize that he was surrounded by water. He sniffed and enjoyed the fresh breeze on his face.

5. Kayaking

I have never kayaked before. I don't know how to swim. It was nerve-wracking to get on the kayak. But what was even harder was maneuvering the kayak on not so shallow water. I spent 20 minutes trying to get out of the marina. Once I was out, I was out. I was really enjoying kayaking until I encountered some current in the water. I was scared at hell, and I froze. I was so relieved to hit the shore because that was really scary.

I went again the next day. This time, I had an easier time maneuvering the kayak. I wouldn't call myself a pro, but I would say I improved a lot from day 1 to day 2.


The bad:

- Senior Sanchez st San Saviour:

Alright, if the Senior Sanchez upper management is reading this, please get it together.

I commend you for making your place instagramable. It is still a restaurant at the end of the day, and your main purpose is to serve food. I paid $50 bucks for two meals: chicken tacos and beef tostadas. I received a plate of wet ground beef with no flavor. Before Senõr Sanchez, I couldn't say that I have ever ordered Mexican food and did not finish it. But now I can. I had to leave my food and walk away. It was horrendous. I was mortified my stomach pain after also. It wasn't just me. My husband had the same issues. We were both furious on the overpaid, horrible food.

My recommendation: keep the interior designer but get a new cook.


The odd (with a positive connotation)

1. Trampoline: Every house we passed by at St Hippolyte had a trampoline in it. Can someone who's a St Hippolyte local reach out to me and explain why is that?

Don't get me wrong, I love a trampoline just as the next gal, but it was still interesting and odd to find a city with so many trampolines.

2. Garage sales: There were so many garage sales on a Sunday. Maybe it's a citywide St Hippolyte activity. However, it was odd to find so many of them. I ended up buying a really cool backpack, and my partner bought some first edition Manga. What a Weebo!

3. Street signs: Hold on to your seats because I am about to show something really, really odd.

Someone explain this to me, please. I have so many questions.

1. Why does this sign have a child lying down wearing their gymnastics clothes?

2. Why is this child Asian when this city is majorly populated with white French Quebecois?

3. Why is this child's left sock almost off of their foot?

4. Who designed this sign?

5. I saw another sign where the child wasn't wearing any sock. What are the differences in meaning between the two?

If someone can explain this to me, I would really appreciate it.


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