5 Unique Green Energy Startups You Should Know About

Amidst the current global warming, climate changes, and wildfires, many companies are directly tackling these problems. And it is essential that we as consumers support these companies.

There are also many green energy startups with noble missions to make the world a better place. Green energy startups provide unique solutions to different environmental problems such as air quality, the auto industry, and deforestation.

Everyone can agree that innovation is exciting. Even though all the green energy companies deserve the spotlight, here are five startups that caught our attention:

ChargerHelp- Green energy solution to the auto industry

Any repairs needed electric vehicle charging stations? Founded by a female CEO, ChargerHelp’s app enables on-demand electric vehicle charging station repairs. This Los Angeles based start-up currently works locally and running a pilot.

EVmatch - Green energy solution to the auto industry

Female-led and founded company EVmatch can be described as an Airbnb for electric vehicle charging. California based startup’s mission is to provide more electric vehicle charging options. Their goal is to find more multi-family residential and commercial site host for electric vehicles.

DroneSeed - Green energy solution to deforestation

This Seattle based startup has one main goal of mitigating climate change through faster reforestation using behemoth drone technology. Needless to say, their revolutionary mission gets a significant amount of press, such as The Nature Conservatory & Federal Aviation Association.

Kaiterra - Green energy solution to air pollution

A clean air solution company that exists today with its mission of not needing to exiting one day. Kaiterra products provide a clear read on the air you breathe, so you know how to stop the air pollution at the source. This multi-region startup recently expanded to India, where their services are needed the most.

Aclima - Green energy solution to air pollution

Aclima is a California based startup that maps the air quality across the bay area. They provide data on air quality and insights on how to reduce emissions. August 2020, this female-founded and led company just expanded its services to Brooklyn. A much-needed service, as recent research has shown a significant correlation between air pollutants exposure and adverse COVID-19 outcomes, such as higher death rates.

Bonus company: Optiwatt

A green energy solution company that also focuses on saving time and money. Optiwatt scans for the cheapest electricity rates and automatically schedules your Tesla for charging while tracking your spending. Optiwatt’s ultimate goal is to find the most inexpensive and most efficient charging service for Tesla owners while being 100% free of charge at saving the earth.

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