48 hours at Mont Tremblant

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

My first visit to Mont Tremblant had a good mix of usual tourist spots and my low key non main stream local spots. I will cover some of the highlighted spots that touched my heart during this short trip.

1. Croisières Mont-Tremblant

A peaceful marina with a mountain background. It was nice to walk around the marina and read all the interesting boat names.

2. Mont-Tremblant National Park

Fun fact: did you know that Mont-Tremblant National Park has 102 ski trails and 29 hiking trails?

I hiked the Chute-du-Diable trail because it was shortest one that fit into my tight schedule (1.6 KM round trip = 30 mins).

I also stopped 3 different lakes on my way back: Devil's river Lac Monroe, Lac Luzon, Lac Chat, Lac Esclaier.

All equally beautiful. I believe it was Lac Esclaier that had a sandy waterfront with people on Kayaks.

** The Mont Tremblant National park guide**

ps. I couldn't find the english version online. However, if you drive to the park the visitor center has english hard copies. Good luck :)

3. The village

The village has about 3 different Gondolas (that I saw). I have slight vertigo, so I'm scared of anything open that moves.

However, if you want gondola rides, the first one is free. The actual ones that go up the mountain entirely is not free. But if you are to do an activity with them like ski or go carting, it is free for you.

In my case, I got up the mountain twice. First time I hiked up to get the view of the village.

Second time, I had to get on the gondola because I was attending the Tonga Lumina- the light show.

4. Tonga Lumina Light show

I personally really liked the show. It made us walk through the mountain while we listened about the folklore God Tonga.

My partner and I joked as we walked through the lights that this is where Drake probably got his Hotline Bling music video idea from.


Bonus highlights:

-> Stargazing:

I was unknowingly around near the Mont Tremblant Falls View area, when I decided to look up to see a clear sky with the view of the milky way.

Fun Fact: it is actually possible to see the northern lights from Mont Tremblant.

-> Bambi searchin'

I really did drive up and down the mountain searching for deers. I was driving up toward Parc des Chutes on Ch du Village road and just like that my dream came true. I stumbled upon a pack of 5-6 deers. I stopped my car immediately to run down to say hi. It seemed like they were really used to human and did not scare easy. I kept my distance and their peace as I saw these beauties.

These Bambis made my trip a successful one and I was happy to head home.

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