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A passionate digital marketer specializing in SEO, copywriting, social media branding and email marketing. This website showcases a few of my recent works. 

Hi, this is Shar

I'm an experienced content marketer &
social media manager with an M.A in Psychological research.

Recent Work

   Newsletter   28 Nov 2020

Giving Tuesday shows us the importance of coming together as a community for the greater good. With the event just a week away, we, at The Noor Project, request you to donate to our cause and give the gift of a well-rounded childhood to impoverished children in Pakistan.

 Email Marketing  05 Nov 2020

We encourages you to exercise your constitutional right to vote!
By voting, you are essentially defending your rights against injustice. Democracy depends on our attendance at the voting center today.


Featured Work

Code in the Classroom: a look into our AI workshops


Blog — Kids Code Jeunesse

It is important to make sure that today’s kids are not just passive users of AI. By educating all kids in AI, we not only encourage diversity in those who build AI systems, but also in the data it uses.

CLCMA wins justice for American Muslims for Palestine


Ghostwriting - CLCMA

Justice has once again been served to the Muslim population. As a United States court ruled against Muslim discrimination in a courtroom in Chicago on October 20, 2020, Muslims all around felt the power and relief of fairness and equality.

eCommerce & Digital Product Sampling


Blog — Peekage

No longer a new concept, eCommerce has become a norm of our current time. eCommerce can be defined as a business that delivers a box to their consumer; this will range from big-name retailers (such as Walmart, Macys, or Target) to small entrepreneurial Shopify brands.

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Featured Social Media Work

As a marketer, I’m typically working with LinkedIn, Instagram, & Facebook on a daily basis. I like how marketing efforts for each platforms are different from one another. Recently, I have been passionate about strategizing B2B marketing efforts via LinkedIn.


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